Database of site metadata for GeoNet strong motion stations

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GNS Science. 2016. Database of site metadata for GeoNet strong motion stations. GNS Science.

If using this database - can you please cite the following published paper.

Kaiser, A.E.; Van Houtte, C.; Perrin, N.D.; Wotherspoon, L.; McVerry, G.H. 2017 Site characterisation of GeoNet stations for the New Zealand Strong Motion Database. Bulletin of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 50(1): 39-49

Abstract: The New Zealand Strong Motion Database provides a wealth of strong motion data for engineering applications. In order to utilise these data in ground motion prediction, characterisation of key site parameters at each of the ~497 past and present GeoNet strong motion stations represented in the database is required. Here, we present the compilation of a complete set of site metadata for the New Zealand database, including four key parameters: i) NZS1170.5 site subsoil classification, ii) the time-averaged shear-wave velocity to a depth of 30 m (Vs30), iii) fundamental site period (Tsite) and iv) depth to a shear-wave velocity of 1000 m/s (Z1.0, a proxy for deth to bedrock). In addition, we have assigned a quality estimate (Qaulity 1-3) to each numerical parameter to provide a qualitative estimate of the uncertainty. New high-quality Tsite, Vs30 and Z1.0 estimates have been obtained from a variety of recent studies, and reconciled with available geological information. (auth)