Minerals of New Zealand (print copy)

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Railton, G.T.; Watters, W.A. 1990 Minerals of New Zealand. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 104. 89 p.

Abstract: This bulletin is essentially an alphabetic check-list of the minerals so far recorded in published form from New Zealand and its outlying islands. Fore each mineral, representative localities, references, and for many an indication of the availability of analytical data are given. A glossary of mineralogical and crystallographic terms and of brief definitions of the rock types mentioned is also included. Appendices give basic information on chemical formulae and lists of chemical elements, minerals according to the main metallic elements contained in them, and names given by the early Maori for minerals used by them for artefacts and pigments or familiar to them in their everyday activities. (auth)

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