The geology of the Mount Radiant subdivision, Westport division

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Webb, E.J.H. 1910 The geology of the Mount Radiant subdivision, Westport division. Wellington: Government Printer. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 11 46 p.

Abstract: The Mount Radiant subdivision consists of the survey districts of Kongahu and Otumahana, which form the northern extremity of the Westport division. It is bounded on the north by an imaginary line running east for a distance of 13 ½ miles from the mouth of the Otumahana River. Its southern boundary follows the sinuous course of the mountain-range from Kongahu Point for a distance of 3 ½ miles, and thence runs due east for a distance of 16 ½ miles. Its western limit is the natural boundary of the Tasman Sea, while on the east it is bounded by an imaginary meridional line 12 ½ miles in length, and distant from the coast 13 ½ miles at its northern and 19 ½ miles at its southern extremity. It thus comprises an area of 195 square miles. With the exception of a few clearings near the coast, occasional small patches of tussock country in the river-valleys, and the mountain-tops above the 3,600 ft. level, the entire subdivision is covered with dense bush. (auth/DG)