The geology of the Greymouth subdivision, north Westland

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Morgan, P.G. 1911 The geology of the Greymouth subdivision, north Westland. Wellington: Government Printer. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 13 159 p.

Abstract: The Greymouth subdivision forms part of the North Westland division, and lies to the north of the Hokitika subdivision. It includes the survey districts of Waimea, Hohonu, Brunner, Arnold, Greymouth, Cobden, and Mawheranui, together with the southern part of Temiko survey district, and a very small portion of Waiwhero survey district, and has approximately an area of 510 square miles. Though considerable areas have been brought under grass, the surface of the Greymouth subdivision is as yet in great part covered by forest. Its relief is varied, mountains of considerable height appearing in the south-eastern and northern parts, whilst elsewhere hills and high terraces occupy much of the subdivision. In mineral wealth the district may be considered one of the richest in New Zealand. Its gravels have yielded millions of ounces of gold to the alluvial miner, and are still being extensively worked. The northern part of the area contains a coalfield of great economic importance. In the Kotuku district the occurrence of petroleum under apparently favourable conditions indicates the existence of an oilfield as yet untapped. The subdivision also contains good building-stones and brick-clays, together with limestones suitable for cement or for the manufacture of lime. Its timber resources form an asset of great present value. (auth/DG)