The geology of the Egmont Subdivision, Taranaki

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Morgan, P.G.; Gibson, W. 1927 The geology of the Egmont Subdivision, Taranaki. Wellington: DSIR. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 29 99 p.

Abstract: The area described in this bulletin, the Egmont Subdivision, includes nearly the whole of western Taranaki, part of central Taranaki, and part of southern Taranaki. It consists of the survey districts of Wairau, Cape, Egmont, Huiroa, Ngatimaru, Opunake, Kaupokonui, Ngaire, Oeo, and Waimate, which altogether have an area of 1,133 square miles. Almost in the centre of the subdivision is the lofty cone of Mount Egmont, or Taranaki, an extinct volcano, 8,260 ft in height. That Taranaki may yet become a producer of petroleum in considerable quantity seems not unlikely, and the surveys described in this report were undertaken largely with the hope of giving assistance to the oil-prospector by supplying him with geological information. (auth/EB)