The geology of the Parapara subdivision, Karamea, Nelson

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Bell, J.M.; Webb, E.J.H.; Clarke, E. de C. 1907 The geology of the Parapara subdivision, Karamea, Nelson. Wellington: Government Printer. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 3 111 p.

Abstract: The subdivision represents a total area of about 243 ½ square miles, of which 156 ¼ square miles is in the Aorere survey district, and approximately 87 ¼ square miles in the Waitapu survey district. The whole embraces a section of country twenty-five miles from east to west, and twelve and a half miles from north to south, stretching from the Tata Islands in Golden Bay almost to the shores of the Tasman Sea. The central point of this area has an approximate latitude of 40° 48´S. and longitude of 172° 40´E. Where deposits of economic minerals either known before the inauguration of the survey or discovered during its progress occur, the survey was prosecuted in greater detail than where no features of utilitarian value exist. These surveys were made especially elaborate in the neighbourhood of the deposit of iron-ore at Parapara. (auth/DG)