The geology of Motueka Subdivision (2nd hand print copy)

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Henderson, J.; Macpherson, E.O.; Grange, L.I.; Shaw, G.C. (comps.) 1959 The geology of Motueka Subdivision. Wellington: Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 35 26 p.

Abstract: Field work was carried out in Motueka subdivision between 1923 and 1926. Eleven geological maps were drawn in 1930 and printed, but withheld from distribution. The bulletin which was to accompany the maps was not written. With advance in knowledge of New Zeland geology, interpretation of the stratigaphy and structure of the Motueka subdivision now differs from that current at the time the maps were drawn. It was not considered wise to attempt to write a modern bulletin to accompany obsolete maps, nor could this be done without extensive fresh field work. Instead, the maps have been issued with the accompanying text, compiled from the contemporary published work of the geologists who carried out the original field work in Motueka subdivision. (auth/EB)

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