The geology of the Coromandel subdivision, Hauraki, Auckland

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Fraser, C.; Adams, J.H. 1907 The geology of the Coromandel subdivision, Hauraki, Auckland. Wellington: Government Printer. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 4 154 p.

Abstract: The Coromandel subdivision, consists of the survey districts of Colville, Moehau, Harataunga, Coromandel, and Otama. It forms the northern portion of the Coromandel Peninsula and stretches southward from Cape Colville for a distance of 28 miles. To a line extending due east from a point near Kirita Bay on the western coast line, to Hot Water Beach on the eastern coast line. The Coromandel subdivision covers an area of 307.89 square miles. The volcanic material which takes such a large part in the structure of the peninsular mass is subject to rapid surface decomposition. Thick matted undergrowth is greatly in evidence. Within the actual mining centres the examination of all available underground workings, and also of the plans in possession of various mining companies, afforded much information. The coast line, which has a total length of some 190 miles, was surveyed in detail. The main streams, together with many of their tributaries, were carefully traversed, and, in addition to an inspection of the various rock-outcrops encountered therein, a careful examination of the stream debris was carried out, for the purpose of delineating the areas in which auriferous veins may reasonably be expected to come. Ascents were made of all the conspicuous peaks of the main divide. The greater part of the main water parting between the peaks, in addition to many of the subsidiary ridges and spurs, was also traversed. (auth/DG)