The Greymouth Coalfield

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Gage, M. 1952 The Greymouth Coalfield. Wellington: Government Printer. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 45 2 v.

Abstract: The Greymouth Coalfield includes the whole or part of Te Miko, Waiwhero, Cobden, Mawheranui, Arnold and Greymouth survey districts, Westland Land District. This bulletin and the accompanying maps describe an area that was laid out and almost completely mapped before the National One-mile series of maps was issued, but it includes the greater part of Sheet S. 44 of that series. At the beginning of 1938 geological work and sampling were begun in the Greymouth field. This bulletin contains the results of field and laboratory work connected with the Greymouth survey. It was realized as the survey progressed that estimation of the field depended not so much on the extension of individual seams as on the distribution of workable seams in definite horizons. As recognition of the horizons in the field is based upon the order of succession of distinctive rock formations, the original scheme of field work, in which emphasis had been placed upon the tracing of individual seams, was modified to give greater attention to the stratigraphy of the coal measures. (auth/DG)