New Zealand serpentinites and associated metasomatic rocks

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Coleman, R.G. 1966 New Zealand serpentinites and associated metasomatic rocks. Wellington, NZ: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 76 101 p.

Abstract: The distribution and geology of all known occurrences of ultramafic rocks in New Zealand are discussed in light of their tectonic setting. The ultramafics were divided into five categories based on their age and mode of occurrence: 1, the great uLtramafic belts; 2, the diapiric serpentinites; 3, the gabbro-peridotite complexes; 4, the metamorphic serpentinites; and 5, the mylonite dunite of Anita Bay, Milford Sound. The purpose of the study was to investigate the presence of rodingites, metasomatically altered contacts, and teconic inclusions as related to the emplacement of the New Zealand ultramafics. (auth/EB)