Geology and hot springs of Orakeikorako (print copy)

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Lloyd, E.F. 1972 Geology and hot springs of Orakeikorako. Wellington: Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 85 164 p.

Abstract: This bulletin describes the geology and hydrothermal activity at Orakeikorako, 37 km south-south-west of Rotorua. The Waikato River flowed through the area until in January 1961 the valley at Orakeikorako was flooded to a depth of 18 m by the lake impounded behind Ohakuri hydro-electric station. This part of the river is now known as Lake Ohakuri. The effect of this raised water level on the hydrothermal activity is described. The Waikato River flowed north past Orakeikorako, confined within a narrow gorge cut through the Paeroa fault block to the north-east. In the north, the Paeroa block is terminated abruptly on the west by the precipitous Paeroa Fault, but south-west of Paeroa Trig and Te Kopia hydrothermal area the fault bifurcates into a series of sub-parallel south-west-trending normal step-faults downthrown to the north-west. Hydrothermal activity at Orakeikorako is found over an area of 1.8 square km and is closely associated with the faults. To the west, rhyolite domes of Maroa Volcanic Centre dominate the landscape. The heat escaping at Orakeikorako is probably associated with this centre of Quaternary volcanicity. (auth)

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