Geology of the Tinui-Awatoitoi district

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Johnston, M.R. 1980 Geology of the Tinui-Awatoitoi district. Wellington: DSIR. New Zealand Geological Survey bulletin 94 62 p.

Abstract: The Tinui-Awatoitoi district, although within the more deformed part of New Zealand, contains an unusually complete stratigraphic record. Rocks representing most stages from Upper Jurassic to Recent are present. The stratigraphy is described in terms of formations, which are placed in the Torlesse Supergroup and the Mangapurupuru, Tinui, Wanstead, Annedale, and Hurupi groups. No economically significant metallic deposits are known in the district. The most important non-metallic deposit in limestone, which is a source of lime, ornamental rock, and in a district short of hard rocks, aggregate and road metal. Land instability, ranging from superficial slips to deep seated rotational slumps, is widespread. Despite numerous oil and gas seeps, which indicate suitable source rocks, the district is conidered to have little hydrocarbon potential because there are no suitable structural or stratigraphic traps. (auth/NJT)