Rugged landscape : the geology of central New Zealand

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Stevens, G.R. 1990 Rugged landscape : the geology of central New Zealand, including Wellington, Wairarapa, Manawatu, and the Marlborough Sounds. Wellington: DSIR Publishing. DSIR information series 169. 286 p.


Abstract: New Zealand, unlike the wholly volcanic islands of the central Pacific, consists of rocks of a wide variety of types and ages. Many of these rocks are intensely folded and fractured, indicating that this country has long been one of the earth's "mobile belts" - regions where the outer part of the earth's crust has been buckling and breaking at a geologically rapid rate. The rocks are cut by innumerable great fractures, called faults, which have displaced them thousands of feet. The geology of Wellington and Marlborough provinces is virtually a microcosm of New Zealand geology, containing as it does samples of almost every phase of geological evolution of New Zealand except the very early phases (represented in northwest Nelson and Fiordland) and some of the later volcanic phases (as in the Taupo-Rotorua region).For this reason it is hoped this book will have a wider appeal beyond that of Wellington and Marlborough regions. (auth/AJS)

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