Lava and strata : a guide to the volcanoes and rock formations of Auckland

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Homer, D. L.; Moore, P.; Kermode, L.O. 2000 Lava and strata : a guide to the volcanoes and rock formations of Auckland. Wellington: Landscape Publications in association with Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences. 96 p. .

Abstract: Harbours, islands, beaches and volcanoes - these are the natural features that define the Auckland Region. They are also the products of our geological past. So too are the fertile soils, building aggregates, and aquifers for water supply. These have all helped to make Auckland the most populous region in New Zealand. Auckland's wealth of geological features and landforms are worth protecting. They are significant for their scientific, educational and aesthetic value, and the shape the special natural character of the region. But along with this abundance, there is also a threat - Auckland's volcanic field may erupt again, with potentially disastrous consequences. The region's geological history spans some 300 million years, from the deposition of sedimentary rocks which now form the Hunua Range, to the coastal processes of erosion and deposition that continue every day. This history has been punctuated by episodes of mountain building and volcanic eruptions, on of which occurred only 600 years ago. Such recent volcanic activity shows that Auckland's volcanic field must be considered potentially active. Exactly when and where the next eruption will occur is unknown. Auckland is also at risk from eruptions elsewhere in the North Island - as far afield as Taupo, and Mt Taranaki. To understand future volcanic activity we must first unlock the secrets of the past. Much evidence of past eruptions can be found in Auckland's lava and strata. By combining our knowledge of geology with the monitoring of all volcanic activity, we are better able to predict when and where future eruptions might occur, and how these might effect our communities. Among the functions of the Auckland Regional Council are the protection of significant geological features and landscapes, natural hazards management and the allocation of water resources from the region's aquifers. Awareness of the region's geology is crucial to understanding the importance of preserving sites of geological significance, making wise use of geological resources, and managing geological hazards such as those associated with the Auckland volcanic field (auths)

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