Awesome forces : the natural hazards that threaten New Zealand

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Hicks, G.R.F.; Campbell, H.J. (eds) 2012 Awesome forces : the natural hazards that threaten New Zealand. Wellington, N.Z.: Te Papa Press. 153 p.


Storms. landslides, earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes. Most New Zealanders will face at least one of these natural hazards in their lives, just by virtue of living here. Uniquely positioned on the boundary between two of the Earth's gigantic tectonic plates and surrounded by deep ocean in the Southwest Pacific, New Zealand is subject to extreme weather and more than 17,000 earthquakes a year - the devastating Canterbury earthquakes just the latest reminder of our perilours location. Our largest city, Auckland, is built on an active volcano field that is host to over 50 volcanoes - but these are minor in comparison to the mighty Taupo, one of  the most explosive and active volcanoes in the world. With our abundant stormy weather and high concentration  of earthquakes, we are subject to massive landslides, which can block highways and destroy suburbs. The recent events in Japan remind us of our vulnerability to tsunami and how swiftly they can strike. Meanwhile, we live in a world confronting one of its greatest challenges yet - climate change (auth)

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