A photographic guide to rocks & minerals of New Zealand

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Mortimer, N.; Campbell, H.J.; Low, M. 2011 A photographic guide to rocks & minerals of New Zealand. Auckland: New Holland. 143 p.

Abstract: Rocks and minerals are as much a part of the natural environment as plants and animals. They define landforms that are some of New Zealand's most beautiful and best-known features. Rocks and minerals have long been of use to humans and we are dependent on them today. Almost every kind of rock on Earth, and many of the more common minerals, can be found in New Zealand. This book is for anyone who wants to be able to put a name to a rock or mineral, and to learn more about how they were formed and how they are used. This compact, pocket guide includes identification keys, full colour photographs, diagrams and a glossary. The book contains information about the most common 28 minerals and 53 rocks that can be seen in the mountains, hills, beaches and rivers of New Zealand. (auth)

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