Physics of the New Zealand thermal area

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Banwell, C.J.; Cooper, E.R.; Thompson G.E.K.; McCree, K.J. 1957 Physics of the New Zealand thermal area. Wellington: DSIR. DSIR Bulletin 123 109 p.

Abstract: In this bulletin, certain of the physical characteristics of the phenomena in the thermal area - temperature, enthalpy, heat flow etc are discussed more fully than was possible in the recent DSIR bulletin Steam for power in New Zealand and an account is given of some of the experimental methods by which physical data has been collected. Theories f thermal areas in general are reviewed, their possible application to the main New Zealand area considered, and a physical model suggested for the latter as a convenient means for organising existing information and for stimulating further research. The experimental results give are as nearly as possible a complete and up to date account of the physical work in the thermal area s far, except for some of the material already quoted in the above mentioned publication or published elsewhere, and to which the reader is referred where necessary In assembling the group of related papers which constitute this bulletin, the endeavour has been made to preserve their individuality as much as possible. They should be regarded as individual papers. A map of the Wairakei area, showing the locations of boreholes, regions of natural activity, and other features is given in Figure 23 (auth)

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