Geochemistry 1977

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Ellis, A.J. 1977 Geochemistry 1977. Wellington: Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. DSIR Bulletin 218 144 p.

Abstract: Papers representative of geochemical research in New Zealand make up this bulletin honouring S.H. Wilson, a leading New Zealand geochemist and science editor. Prominent are studies of geothermal systems, including chemical and isotope investigations. The Wairakei geothermal system is considered in relation to its exploitation; other contributions discuss silica polymerisation and give improved analytical data for spring and well waters. More generally, geothermometers and phase relationships of sulphide systems are discussed. Isotope studies of hydrothermal barites, sulphur in sedimentary rocks, and submarine geothermal gases are included. Mechanisms of some geological processes are considered from a geochemical viewpoint. General discussions on crust-hydrosphere interactions and metallogenesis are supplemented by more specific papers on solution chemistry in metamorphism, diagenesis of tuffs, and an interpretation of volcanic crater-like sediments n terms of the geochemical cycle. A final group of papers is concerned with trace element analysis of coals, fly-ash, coils and tephra, and igneous intrusions, and an investigation of clay minerals by electron spin resonance (auth)

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