Materials for the New Zealand potter

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Schofield, J.C. 1977 Materials for the New Zealand potter. Wellington: Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Information series / Department of Scientific and Industrial Research 118. 81 p.

Abstract: Ceramic effects, often of subtle beauty, can frequently only be achieved by the use of ingredients obtained by potters from the local countryside. This booklet is based on a series of lectures given to the Auckland Studio Potters Association to help them recognise clays and rocks in the field and understand their suitability for ceramic purposes. Apart from its use by the studio potter, it is hoped that this booklet, particularly the summary of clays available in New Zealand will be of use generally. The book covers geological knowledge necessary for field recognition of clays and rocks; the use of geological maps; clay minerals and their properties and the available natural glazes, frits and oxides (auth)

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