Survey report - Manuka Flat 1971

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Otway, P.M. 1973 Survey report - Manuka Flat 1971. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EDS 20 32 p.


Abstract: The decision to monitor the Lyell Fault was made as this is the only major fault in the Buller-Westport region which has not shown positive evidence of movement in historic times, although there is geodetic evidence of right-lateral shear associated with the 1968 Inangahua Earthquake (Lensen and Otway, 1971). The Manuka Flat site was chosen as it is the only area of flat land across the Lyell Fault. A full description of the site and pattern, together with provisional coordinates and heights is contained in the site report (Blick, EDS 12, 1973). The purpose of the survey report is to present details of the method of surveying, and an estimate of the accuracy attained. In subsquent survey reports a comparison will also be made withe the earlier results. (auth)