Totara Park site report (Wellington fault)

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Blick, G.H. 1974 Totara Park site report (Wellington fault). Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EDS 26 15 p.


Abstract: This pattern straddling the Wellington Fault, was installed in January 1974. It forms part of a comprehensive plan to monitor earth deformation in the Wellington region and is part of a developing network set up to monitor vertical and horizontal secular deformation throughout New Zealand's active belt (NZ Royal Society 1973). Apart from monitoring deformation close to the fault trace, the data may also assist in research into the "safe" distance from an active fault at which constructions may be built. This pattern also forms part of the planned "Upper Hutt Alignment Check" which will monitor deformation over a much wider zone. Surveys of the pattern will be carried out at regular intervals unless abnormal deformation is suspected, in which case the interval between surveys will be shortened (auth)