Seismotectonic zoning study of the Fiji Islands

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Berryman, K.R. 1979 Seismotectonic zoning study of the Fiji Islands. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EDS 70. 75 p.

Abstract: In June and July 1978 the author carried out field investigations for the preparation of a report on the seismotectonic zoning of the Fiji Islands. The work was carried out through the New Zealand Bilateral Aids Programme. This report is the culmination of the 1978 field work and the literature search of seismic and tectonic activity in Fiji. While considerable seismological investigations gave been carried out in Fiji, especially in the late 1960's, the geologic information is collated in this report to present the first attempt at seismotectonic zoning of the region. The tectonic information presented is of a reconnaissance nature and is based almost entirely on the field work carried out in 1978. As background the geologic history of Fiji is briefly noted as it provides a framework for present-day tectonic activity. An appendix discussing late Quaternary eustatic sea level changes in relation to Fiji is included to indicate the basis on which rather subjective decisions regarding the ages of raised reef and marine abrasion benches have been made. No attempt at a statistical treatment of earthquake risk has been attempted because the data is of a reconnaissance nature and neither the seismological nor the tectonic information is of sufficient reliability or depth to allow a comprehensive treatment (auth)