Mt Hutt and Rosehill dam sites S82

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Mansergh, G.D. 1973 Mt Hutt and Rosehill dam sites S82. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 148 7 p.

Abstract: A request was received from the South Canterbury Catchment Board for a geologist to look at the sites for two proposed flood detention dams, one in Scotts Creek and the other in Y and Z Creeks, all of which rise on Mount Hutt. I looked at both sites with Messrs Herd and Mitchell of the S.C.C.B in early October and again in January. Few exposures of materials are available so most of the geological mapping is based on landform interpretation, and the materials described are typical with those associated with such landforms. No detailed contour maps were available to assist in the interpretation of the alluvial fans. A map has been prepared showing the geology of the area and is attached to this report. (auth)