Aspects of engineering geology in Britain and North America : Report on overseas visit

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Riddolls, B.W. 1974 Aspects of engineering geology in Britain and North America : Report on overseas visit. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 209 14 p.

Abstract: The DSIR gave approval and financial assistance to spend eight weeks visiting other organisations, to observe current engineering geological work and methods, particularly in relation to slope stability, engineering geology mapping, and the determination of the physical properties of soft rocks. Leave with pay was approved for the eight week period, together with $900 towards fares and expenses, the balance being met from private funds. The itinerary planned would not have been possible without the additional assistance of friends and relatives who generously provide accommodation and sustenance in the countries visited. One week was spent in the California State university in Los Angeles, one week visiting the Canadian Department of Energy, Mines, and resources in Ottawa, and six weeks in London, based at the Institute of Geological Sciences, South Kensington. This report mainly describes various engineering geological topics, concepts, or procedures that appear to be relevant either to current or future work in the N.Z. Geological Survey. Few direct comparisons with New Zealand conditions are made, as it is hoped that the merit or otherwise of the points mentioned will be apparent to readers, whom it is assumed will be familiar with the scope and objectives of engineering geology within the Survey. (auth)