Geology of the Rangipo south area

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Grocott, G.G. 1975 Geology of the Rangipo south area. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 219 22 p.

Abstract: This report summarizes information collected during geological mapping in the Rangipo South area between November 1974 and February 1975 by the author, accompanied by T.R. Grammer, M.W.D., Turangi. During this period the author was employed temporarily by D.S.I.R., N.Z. Geological Survey, based at the Turangi District Office. In 1960 Gregg mapped the Tongariro Sub-division at a scale of one inch to one mile (N.Z.G.S. Bulletin N.S. 40). His work incorporated earlier mapping by L.I. Grange, J.H. Williamson, and others, who mapped the Tongariro Sub-division at a scale of one inch to twenty chains. The geology of this area also occurs on Sheet 8, Taupo, by Grindley, published in 1960 at a scale of 1 : 250,000. Additional geological information has been collected by geologists of the N.Z. Geological Survey, Engineering Geology Section, during investigations and construction of the Tongariro Power Development. The area mapped lies between the Tongariro National Park volcanoes Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro, and the western flanks of the Umukarikari Range of the Kaimanawa Mountains. The area, covering approximately 172km, consists of a narrow strip between the Desert Road (S.H.1) and the Tongariro River, bounded to the north and south by the Makahikatoa and Mangatoetoenui Streams respectively. Rangipo South forms part of the catchment area of the Tongariro Power Development which utilises water from streams draining the flanks of the volcanoes to generate hydro-electric power. Part of this project has been completed although the final stage, the Rangipo Project, is presently being investigated in the eastern part on the area mapped. (auth)