Proposed housing development, Omoto, Greymouth, geological report

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McLean, J.D.; Read, S.A.L. 1975 Proposed housing development, Omoto, Greymouth, geological report. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 234 6 p.

Abstract: At the request of the District Commissioner, Ministry of Works and Development Christchurch, a geological investigation was carried out of the property belonging to Mr H S Dowling at Omoto Road, Greymouth in order to assess its suitability for sectional development. At the time of writing the land has 'Rural' zoning but an appeal has been lodged by the landowner against the Grey County Council. If successful this will result in the reclassification of the land to a ''Residential'' zoning. It is understood that this report may constitute evidence regarding the long-term stability and hence zoning classification of the area before the Town and Country Planning Appeal Board. (auth)