Wanaka hatchery groundwater supply

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Thomson, R. 1976 Wanaka hatchery groundwater supply. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 267 11 p.

Abstract: To cope with the stocking of the proposed Clutha Valley hydro reservoirs the Fish Hatchery at Wanaka will either be expanded, if increased supplies of clean water are available, or relocated at an alternative site. The present supply for the Hatchery is collected from a semi continuous line of springs that issue from the toe of the steep scarp at the rear of the Wanaka Township. Both historical reports and recent geological mapping indicate that the source of most of the groundwater is the Cardrona River, which recharges an aquifer impounded against the terminal moraine of the last glacial advance. It is possible that adequate future supplies of clean water can be obtained by extending the system of collection points within the area of the surface flows, plus subsurface excavation. The later would be either in the form of open cuts along the inferred extension of the spring line or a series of vertical drill holes to intersect a possible confined aquifer. (auth)