Broadlands geothermal power station. Preliminary geological investigation

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Gulliver, C.P. 1977 Broadlands geothermal power station. Preliminary geological investigation. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 292 30 p.

Abstract: Investigations are presently being carried out to determine a suitable power station site for the Broadlands Geothermal Field. This report summarises the results of engineering geological investigations carried out to date, for two potential power station sites. The study was initiated in response to a request dated 22 February 1977 from Mr A.J. Olsen, Central Laboratories, Ministry of Works and Development, to the Chief Engineering Geologist, New Zealand Geological Survey. A site plan is included with this report, Dwg No. 100/B/1. Two possible sites for the power station are being considered, indicated in the site plan as ‘site No. 1’ and ‘site No. 2’ respectively. ‘Site No. 1’ is presently the most favoured of these two sites. (auth)