Buller thermal power station : interim report on geological investigations

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Paterson, B.R. 1978 Buller thermal power station : interim report on geological investigations. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 315 16 p.

Abstract: During the last 18 months since the last NZGS engineering geological report was issued (Paterson 1977), investigation drilling has been carried out at several proposed thermal power station sites. Most of the drill hole logs have been issued by Mr. Stuart Henley, Ministry of Works and Development, Westport, who also carried out investigations and issued a report on a proposed quarry site in the Stockton-Millerton area. This report summarises the results of investigations on the Stockton-Millerton plateau and presents data on several other aspects related to the siting of the buller thermal power station. Recommendations are made for future investigations. Drill hole logs of R1-R7 and a location plan are appenmded to this report; logs of R5-R7 which were issued previously did not contain results of water pressure tests.