The Ruarepuae Stream quarry, Galatea

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Beetham, R.D. 1980 The Ruarepuae Stream quarry, Galatea. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 349. 14 p.

 Abstract: This report comments on the results of a study of the small Ruarepuae Stream which flows from the steep, rugged, Ikawhenua range of the Urewera National Park onto the flat Galatea plains east of Murupara. Using storm data supplied by the Bay of Plenty Catchment Commission an attempt has been made to estimate the return period of a series of major floods that occurred from 1958 to 1967. These floods caused widespread deposition of alluvium over the active fans of the Ruarepuae and other streams, burying fertile farm land and rendering areas unproductive for some time. They are estimated each to have a return period varying from 20 to 80 years and would thus have a very low probability of recurrence. It is also concluded that the quarry operation and channel works initiated by the Catchment Commission will be helpful in containing future flooding and preventing widespread deposition on the upper slopes of the Ruarepuae. However, without proper design the problem could be transferred to the toe area of the fan. It is recommended that a detailed design report should be prepared by the Catchment Commission which would act as a planning guide for future discussion between the interested parties. The present Mining License expires in July 1981 and although there is a large quantity of gravel still within the concession area which could be quarried, the Park Board have indicated that they would rather see the quarry operation stop once the required level of flood