Ohau A power project : engineering geological construction report

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Macfarlane, D.F. 1981 Ohau A power project : engineering geological construction report. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 354 99 p.

Abstract: The Ohau A Power Project is a part of the Upper Waitaki Power development scheme currently under construction in the Mackensie Basin of South Canterbury and scheduled for completion in 1985. This hydro-electric development of the Waitaki Catchment by the Ministry of Works and Development fort he Electricity Division of the Ministry of Energy will utilise virtually all remaining hydraulic head above Lake Benmore to generate 848 MW from four new power stations (Sheet 1). Ohau A is the second (and largest) of the new stations to be completed and will contribute 264 MW to the national grid. This report describes and assesses engineering geological aspects of the Ohau A Power Project. Emphasis is placed on illustrating the geological input to the design, construction and subsequent monitoring of the civil engineering aspects of the project which are described in detail elsewhere. Particular attention is given to the Ostler Fault Zone, a north trending zone of active earth deformation which had a major influence on design and construction.