Seismotectonic hazard evaluation of the Clyde Dam site

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1983 Seismotectonic hazard evaluation of the Clyde Dam site. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report EG 375 2 v.

Abstract: The Clyde Dam, being constructed on the Clutha River at the mouth of the Cromwell-Clyde gorge, is situated in an area within which there are potential seismotectonic hazards. The report on these hazards is summarised here section by section. Section 1 discusses the background to the 1982 investigations. Section 2 outlines the sequence of rocks in the region. Section 3 outlines the regional structure. Section 4 discusses Late Quaternary deformation. Section 5 describes the geology of the dam site area. Section 6 integrates structural data from previous sections and discusses geodetic data. Section 7 seismicity. Section 8 lists and evaluates the seismotectonic hazards at the dam site. (auth)