Geological map of New Zealand 1:63,360 Sheet S13 Cobb (flat map only)

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Grindley, G.W. 1980 Geological map of New Zealand 1:63,360 Sheet S13 Cobb. Wellington: Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Geological map of New Zealand 1:63,360 S13 1 map

Abstract: The North-West Nelson mountains are carved from a folded and faulted peneplain of early Tertiary age, formed initially by subaerial denudation and largely planed during marine transgression in the Oligocene. Relict stripped surfaces, still widely preserved on the summits and foothills of the ranges, define a broad dome-shaped uplift over the Tasman mountains plunging beneath the thin Tertiary sediments in the Karamea-Pikikiruna fault-angle depression. Major rivers, such as the Cobb, Waingaro, Roaring Lion, and Peel, were incised radially on the domal uplift whereas others, such as the Takaka and Leslie, are incised along the fault-angle. The Arthur and Pikikiruna ranges are high-standing, block mountains rising steeply to 1000-1800 m. The western tributaries of the Motueka River are normal to this uplifted block, while large meanders of Motueka River are superposed on the basement rocks from a former cover of Plio-Pleistocene Moutere Gravels. The Lower Paleozoic succession in North-West Nelson is now reasonably well established after a long history of controversy. Closer stratigraphic subdivision is now possible and age control is much improved following recent fossil discoveries and the availability of radiometric age determinations from the metamorphic and igneous formations. (auth/MSJ)

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