Geology of the Buller Coalfield. Scale 1:50 000

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Nathan, S. 1996 Geology of the Buller Coalfield. Scale 1:50 000. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences geological map 23

Abstract: The Buller coalfield is New Zealand's major producing bituminous coalfield. Its limits are loosely defined, between the Buller River in the south and the Mokihinui River in the north, with the Glasgow Fault forming a natural boundary to the east. This map is primarily concerned with regional geology, as a guide to resource assessment as well as the identification of natural hazards and significant geological features. The stratigraphic succession is divided into three major stratigraphic units, each separated by major unconformities: pre-Tertiary basement rocks, Tertiary sediments, and Quaternary superficial deposits. (auth/JED)

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