Geology of the Kumara-Moana area

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Suggate, R.P.; Waight, T.E. 1999 Geology of the Kumara-Moana area. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences geological map 24 124 p.

Abstract: The Kumara-Moana map covers an area of nearly 1100 km2 in north Westland, extending northwest from the foothills of the alpine ranges to the Tasman Sea coast between Greymouth and Hokitika. Northwest of the Alpine Fault, the Hohonu Range and Mt Te Kinga, both > 1200 m, are separated from dissected lowland by the Hohonu Fault. Apart from a horseshoe-shaped escarpment of limestone in the northwest, the lowland area is dominated by undulating moraine belts and extensive flat terraces. A narrow coastal strip lies between a postglacial cliff and the shore. The text covers Early Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, crystalline basement rocks, Early Cretaceous to Pliocene sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks east of the Alpine Fault, Middle and Late Quaternary deposits, economic geology and geological hazards. (auth/JIH)

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