Geological map of New Zealand 1:250,000

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Heron, D.W. (custodian) 2018 Geological map of New Zealand 1:250,000 (2nd ed Version 1). Lower Hutt, NZ: GNS Science. GNS Science geological map 1 1 USB stick

Please note this product is now a USB stick not a CD

This dataset contains a digital representation of a geological map of mainland New Zealand, suitable for use in specific Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, specifically ArcGIS and QGIS. The first edition digital geological map was released in 2014 and was built from 21 GIS-based versions of the 1:250 000 geological maps published under the "QMAP" (for "Quarter-million MAP") project between 1996-2010.

 The GIS format allows for organising and attaching information (attributes) to geometrical representations of geological features in thematic layers. Geological units are represented as polygons with attributes describing, for example, stratigraphic affiliation, rock type and emplacement age. Faults are represented by line features with attributes describing accuracy, type, orientation, name, and age, magnitude and sense of movement. Structural measurements are point features with attributes describing, for example, the type of structure and its orientation.  There are many other polygon, line and point layers representing additional geological elements.

 This dataset contains PDF versions of the geological map texts that accompanied the 21 individual geological maps. These texts provide explanatory information on the stratigraphic units and their rock composition, geomorphology, geological history, resources, hazards and engineering geology for each area. This 2018 second edition version has new features, functionality and other changes as follows.

New data:

- New structural data have been included at this release. The dataset has been expanded to include all 205,500 data points collected for the QMAP project.

- Faults active in the Kaikoura earthquake or discovered during reconnaissance after the earthquake have been included at this release.

- Landslides triggered by the Kaikoura earthquake or discovered during reconnaissance after the earthquake have been included at this release.

- Shore platform mapping in areas of major uplift in the Kaikoura earthquake has been included at this release.

New features:

- ArcGIS and QGIS enhanced with more descriptive legends.

- ArcGIS project enhanced with additional views symbolising High-Level Stratigraphic Scheme.

- QGIS project for non-ESRI users enhanced with symbology for structure and resource data.

- QGIS project issue with large rule-based symbology resolved.

- QGIS project includes bathymetry and topographic elevation models.

Changes implemented for this edition:

- LINZ 1:250 000 (NZTopo250) data incorporated into geology (as at 06/01/2016).

- Extension of GeoSciML standards and international vocabularies to all datasets.

- Alignment of faults with the NZ Active Faults Database.

- Additional quality assurance testing undertaken.

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