The geological map of New Zealand (text and maps)

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Edbrooke, S.W. 2017 The geological map of New Zealand. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science geological map 2. 183 p. text + 2 maps

Abstract: The second edition Geological Map of New Zealand at 1:1 000 000 scale (1:1M GMNZ) was compiled to reflect the improved knowledge of New Zealand geology that has come from the recently completed (2011), second edition, 1:250 000 Geological Map of New Zealand series, known as "QMAP" (for "Quarter-million MAP"). The map presents a simplified summary of QMAP information, modified slightly where more recent data have become available and, in addition, includes geology of Kermadec, Bounty, Snares, Antipodes, Auckland and Campbell islands. This supporting text gives greater detail on the geological units used in compiling the 1:1 GMNZ map, including their lithology, age, environments of deposition, geographic distribution and stratigraphic context. The high level stratigraphic units used on the map are consistent with the Litho2014 scheme developed by Mortimer et al. (2014), and the discussion of stratigraphy follows the scheme. The introduction includes a summary of previous geological maps of New Zealand that have been produced over 150 years and the advances in knowledge that they represent. Other supporting information includes an overview of the geological setting of New Zealand within continental Zealandia, a summary of the country's main geological resources, and discussion of the natural hazards it is exposed to. (auth)

Please note this product comes in 5 formats - all of which can be ordered through the Webshop.

1. GNSGM2 - digital vector DVD 

2. GNSGM2a - 2 folded maps (North and South Islands) in an illustrated cover.

3. FGNSGM2b - Flat North Island map.

4. FGNSGM2c - Flat South Island map.

5. GNSGM2d - A comprehensive text with 2 folded maps (North and South Islands) (this one).

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