Geomorphological map of eastern Canterbury (digital map)

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Begg, J.G.; Jones, K.E.; Barrell, D.J.A. (compilers) 2015 Geomorphological map of eastern Canterbury. Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science geological map 3. (3 maps)

Abstract: Following the 2010-2012 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence, the Christchurch area was the focus of an unparalleled investigation of subsurface ground conditions that resulted in the acquisition of extensive drillhole, geotechnical and geophysical data. These new data were combined with legacy information including logs from more than 12,000 wells to produce new geological interpretations of the Christchurch and eastern Canterbury area. Part of that work was the development of a geomorphological map, comprising 3 sheets at a scale of 1:50,000, showing an interpretation of the nature, origin and age of landform features in the study area. This geomorphological map provides a general indication of geological materials close to the ground surface (down to a few metres depth) and the processes that formed them.

Also available from the Web Shop is the Geology and Geomorphology of Urban Christchurch and Eastern Canterbury (GNSGM3). This DVD includes the vector data used to create the geomorphological maps, two 3D geological models of the materials beneath the Eastern Canterbury region and the Christchurch area, a numerical geotechnical model compiled from CPT data and a descriptive text.