Geology of the Victoria Range area (digital map)

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Tulloch, A.J.; Cooper, A.F.; Smith Lyttle, B. 2019 Geology of the Victoria Range area (digital map). Lower Hutt, N.Z.: GNS Science. GNS Science geological map 6. (1 map)

Abstract: Plutonic rocks of the Victoria Range segment of the Karamea Batholith are the focus of this map. The Victoria Range area occurs within the Western Province of the Austral Superprovince, apart from the southeastern corner of the map where Eastern Province metasedimentary rocks are juxtaposed by the Alpine fault. Country rocks to the Karamea Batholith in this area are low grade metasedimentary rocks of the Greenland Group (Buller Terrane), locally contact metamorphosed. Within the batholith, sillimanite garnet-grade metasedimentary rocks of the Victoria Paragneiss are likely metamorphosed Greenland Group. Isolated plutons intrude Takaka Terrane in the southeast of the map area.

Plutons have been mapped, and subdivided into suites, based on mineralogy and geochemistry and dated using U-Pb zircon and monazite geochronology. Dense forest over two-thirds of the area has hindered accurate mapping of pluton boundaries although interpretation of recent aeromagnetic surveys has been used to augment the map in several areas. The map refines the batholith geology depicted on earlier published maps and incorporates information from other sources for the rocks and sediments outside of the batholith.