Bathymetric map of Te Riu-a-Māui / Zealandia. Scale 1:8 500 000 (folded map)

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Mortimer N, Smith Lyttle B, Black J. 2020. Bathymetric map of Te Riu-a-Māui / Zealandia. Lower Hutt (NZ): GNS Science. 1 poster, scale 1:8,500,000. (GNS Science poster; 7). 


This map poster shows the height and shape of the solid Earth within and near Earth's eighth continent, Te Riu-a-Māui / Zealandia, as if the oceans had been drained of water. The names of onland features are shown in plain text and undersea features in italics. Territorial limits of the Exclusive Economic Zones of various countries and New Zealand's Extended Continental Shelf are shown as lines, along with the extent of the Te Riu-a-Māui / Zealandia continent.

The highest parts of Te Riu-a-Māui / Zealandia emerge as the islands of Aotearoa / New Zealand and New Caledonia and are surrounded by continental shelves. These elevated continental regions contrast with nearby deep basins of oceanic crust. The map poster is drawn using the New Zealand Continental Shelf 2000 Lambert Conformal Projection. The extent of the Te Riu-a-Māui / Zealandia continent is established using geological and tectonic information as shown in the accompanying GNS Science Poster 8.


This map poster is intended for education and scientific research. The information on it is indicative and representative, rather than comprehensive. GNS Science accepts no liability for any loss or damage, direct or indirect resulting from the use of the information provided in this poster. GNS Science does not make any representation in respect of the information's accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose.

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