Proceedings of the Natural Hazards Management Workshop, Wellington, 8-9 November 1994

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Hull, A.G.; Coory, R.A. 1994 Proceedings of the Natural Hazards Management Workshop, Wellington, 8-9 November 1994. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences information series 31 108 p.

Abstract: The Resource Management Act (1991) and its subsequent amendments is challenging decision-makers to find new ways to look at the effects of natural hazards in New Zealand. The Act requires resource managers and planners to understand better the location and probable effects of various natural hazards in their regions and districts, and to develop appropriate policies, objectives and rules to monitor, mitigate and/or avoid their effects. At the same time, a major change in earthquake insurance legislation is requiring all non-residential property owners to seek private earthquake cover for buildings and their contents. These changes are challenging a wide range of people from the private and local government sectors of New Zealand to learn more about the nature and effects of geological hazards in this geologically active country. The Natural Hazard Management Workshop has been initiated by the Institute to bring, together the wide range of people interested in understanding natural hazards and their effects on the natural and social environment. A number of local authorities have undertaken comprehensive studies regarding the type and recurrence of major natural hazards in their regions, while others are still establishing strategies to begin a natural hazard assessment process. We hope that this Workshop will begin the informal sharing of ideas on the types of natural hazards that can occur and some of the ways in which to undertake cost-effective studies to provide the right information for quality decision-making. (auths)