New Zealand Friends of the Quaternary, Wanganui Basin, 20-22 August 2004 (print copy)

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Naish, T.R.; Alloway, B.V.; Beu, A.G.; Palmer, A. 2004 New Zealand Friends of the Quaternary, Wanganui Basin, 20-22 August 2004. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences information series 66 27, [11] p.

Abstract: Spectacular outcrops of Late Miocene to Recent sediments occur along the south Taranaki-Wanganui coastline and inland within the heavily dissected and uplifted landscape of Wanganui Basin and eastern parts of the Taranaki Peninsula. The overall succession exposed comprises a range of siliciclastic and carbonate sediments deposited in slope, shelf, shoreline and coastal plain depositional environments during orbitally-controlled, glacio-eustatic sea-level fluctuations (primarily 40-kyr duration cycles). Broad-scale, sequence stacking patterns and megasequence architecture reflect tectonic influences associated with plate boundary processes during the evolution of the western North Island continental margin. During the last 10 years this margin has gained a reputation as the world’s most complete outcrop exposure through a late Neogene shallow-marine, clastic depositional system. The 2.5 km-thick, Quaternary (Nukumaruan & Castlecliffian) basin-fill comprises unconformity-bound, stratigraphic sequences representing most of the 50 glacio-eustatic sea-level cycles known to have occurred during the last 2.5 Ma. Outcrop analogues of this exceptional quality are rare, as most late Neogene shelf margins underlie flooded continental shelves (e.g. Gulf of Mexico). During our 2 day field workshop, we will examine aspects of sequence development in Pleistocene sediments outcropping on the coast northwest of Wanganui City (Castlecliffian stratotype section) and correlative and older cycles in river sections to the east. Day 2 will emphasise the role of high-resolution integrated chronology (tephra, biostrat., & paleomag) in providing a framework for correlation and sea-level and climate reconstruction. This field guide briefly describes the strata exposed and their context in terms of sequence stratigraphy. (auth)

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