The Kaikoura Peninsula

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Coates, G.; Browne, G.H.; Coates, F. 1993 The Kaikoura Peninsula. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences information series 8 6 p.

Abstract: Kaikoura Peninsula, on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, is famous for its abundance of marine life. Seals, dolphins, whales and many other marine animals and birds, gather near this coastline. Like the modern visitor, a series of Maori tribes were attracted to Kaikoura by the sea life - the name is of Maori origin, where Kai =food and Koura =crayfish. Why is there a variety of marine life in Kaikoura's waters, and why are there towering mountains so close to the sea? This brochure answers and highlights the peninsula's natural features which make it a unique place to explore. (auths)

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