Geological map of New Zealand 1:50,000 Sheet O27 AC Dun Mountain

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Johnston, M.R. 1981 Geological map of New Zealand 1:50,000 Sheet O27 AC Dun Mountain. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Geological map of New Zealand 1:50,000 O27 1 fold. map + 1 booklet

Abstract: The Dun Mountain sheet area, of about 430 sq km, includes a segment of Upper Paleozoic rocks exposed in the Nelson Regional Syncline. It contains the type areas of the Maitai Group, Brook Street Volcanics, and Dun Mountain Ultramafics and the type localities of dunite and rodingite. The area is hilly to mountainous, rising from Tasman Bay in the west to the Bryant Range which reaches a height of 1129 m at Dun Mountain and 1214 m at Saddle Hill, in the east. Much of the range is bush-covered, but where ultramafic rocks crop out the vegetation is stunted, exposing a surface covered with numerous blocks of rock weathering to a dun colour. The east side of the Bryant Range is drained by tributaries of the Pelorus River, and on the west side a number of rivers flow into Tasman Bay. There are several barrier spits and tombolos adjacent to Tasman Bay, the largest spit being the 13.5 km long Boulder Bank which encloses Nelson Haven. At the south end of the haven, the commercial and some residential areas of Nelson City are built on alluvial flats of the Maitai River and adjacent low hills composed of marine and terrestrial sediments of Tertiary age

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