Geological map of New Zealand 1:50,000 Sheet E42A,C Walter Peak (west)

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Turnbull, I.M. 1980 Geological map of New Zealand 1:50,000 Sheet E42A,C Walter Peak (west). Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Geological map of New Zealand 1:50,000 E42A, C 1 fold. map + 1 booklet

Abstract: The area of Sheet E42A,C is traversed by several large glaciated valleys, most of which follow major faults. Ridge systems between the major valleys are deeply dissected by smaller glacial valleys, most of which terminate in cirques containing tarns. Most lower slopes are mantled by solifluction and slopewash deposits, which in many areas have been reactivated to form extensive scree slopes. Major valleys are infilled with moraines and extensive glacial outwash plains; glacial diffluence in the South Von -North Von -White Burn area has left a complex array of moraines, dry valleys, and terrace flights. Erosional landforms are dominated by glacial features; roches moutonnees, overridden passes, mamillated surfaces, and ice-shorn spurs abound. Glaciated pavements, gorges, and ridges provide abundant fresh exposure, unfortunately rendered discontinuous by the extensive Quaternary deposits. The area is underlain by rocks assigned to the Caples terrane, a lithostratigraphic unit within the Te Anau Assemblage of the Rangitata Geosyncline. The terrane is dominated by medium to coarse grained volcanogenic sandstone, with subordinate mudstone, conglomerate, red and green phyllite, and volcanic rocks. Five formations are recognised, with a total estimated thickness of at least 15000 m, although thicknesses vary rapidly along strike. The whole terrane is considered to be a deep-sea fan complex, with inner, mid, and distal fan environments being represented. Probable interchannel, overbank, and channel fill deposits are identified, and a trench-slope, trench-slope basin, and probably trench floor, depositional site seems likely. (auth/MSJ)

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