Lignite resources of eastern Southland. Scale 1:100,000

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Isaac, M.J. 1990 Lignite resources of eastern Southland. Scale 1:100,000. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. Miscellaneous series map / New Zealand Geological Survey 20 1 fold. map

Abstract: In the Eastern Southland, the drillhole distribution is such that correlation of seams between the closely drilled areas is not generally possible. To facilitate description, each closely drilled area is considered as a discrete coal field; boundaries between coal fields may be geological (e.g. a major fault), or arbitrary (NZMS 260 metric grid lines). Eastern Southland lignite B rank (ASTM), with some lignite A in the north (e.g. Croydon, Waimumu, Mataura lower seams). In-ground moisture contents are in the range 40-65%. Sulphur contents are very low to low (typically 0.1-1% at in-ground moisture). Information about the Eastern Southland lignite resource is presented in several forms. (auth)

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