The New Zealand Geological Timescale

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Cooper, R.A. (ed.) 2004 The New Zealand Geological Timescale. Lower Hutt: Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences monograph 22 284 p.


Abstract: The geological timescale is the time framework by which we date, correlate and classify rock formations and geological events. It provides the time framework for all studies of the history of the Earth and its life. It is used for assigning geological age to rocks, fossils and economic minerals, and for calibrating the rates of geological processes such as fault displacement and plate rotation, submergence, uplift and erosion of the land, earthquake frequency and volcanic activity. Rates of climate change, sea-level change, biodiversity change and organic evolution also are measured in terms of the geological timescale. Timescales play an important part in the search for petroleum and coal resources. It is essential therefore, that we have the most accurate and precise timescale available. (auth)

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