Heavy minerals in Tertiary sandstones of the Te Anau Basin

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Smale, D. 1985 Heavy minerals in Tertiary sandstones of the Te Anau Basin. Lower Hutt: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey report SL 13 16 p.

Abstract: Analysis of heavy metals in Cretaceous / Tertiary sediments in the Te Anau Basin, assisted by multivariate analysis of the results, suggests that the sediments were derived from: hornblende-rich rocks such as Garden Point Epidiorite and gabbro like that occurring near Mussel Cove; epidote-bearing rocks such as Takahe Granodiorite; an unsampled source, rich in sphene, likely to be present in the Earl Mountains; and low-grade metamorphic (greywacke) source to the east of the Upukerora River. Hornblende-rich sources are widespread and affected most samples. Rocks like the Takahe Granodiorite affected mainly samples from Centre Island to North Fiord. The sphene-rich source has affected mainly samples from the lower Eglinton Valley. The eastern source affected only the Upukerora River samples.