Lower Pliocene Mollusca from Otahuhu, Auckland (2nd hand print copy)

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Marwick, J. 1948 Lower Pliocene Mollusca from Otahuhu, Auckland. Wellington: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey paleontological bulletin 16 38 p.

Abstract: The mollusca listed and described in this paper came from localities a few miles south of Auckland City. Most of them were obtained from a thick shell-bed lying about 90 ft below the surface at Otahuhu, 10 miles south of Auckland. The bed was penetrated by a shaft for water in the yard at the Waitemata Brewery, and the specimens were collected from spoil dumped from buckets at the well-head. The other collections were obtained through the kindness of Mr C.W. Firth from cleanings of the auxiliary well at Mangere, from foundations of an earth-dam at Otahuhu, and from a shell-bed near Pukekohe. (auth)

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