Tertiary Foraminfera from Oamaru district (NZ). Part 1, Systematics and distribution (print copy)

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Hornibrook, N. de B. 1961 Tertiary Foraminfera from Oamaru district (NZ). Part 1, Systematics and distribution. Wellington: New Zealand Geological Survey. New Zealand Geological Survey paleontological bulletin 34(1) 192 p.

Abstract: The distribution of 500 species of Foraminifera in 60 samples from the marine Tertiary rocks of Oamaru district (Danian-Paleocene, Middle Eocene through to Lower Miocene) is recorded; 391 species are dealt with in the systematic section and 300 are illustrated, many being from the late H.J. Finlay's holotypes. A new subfamily, Notorotaliinae, is proposed for the family Elphidiidae. 100 new species are described and the following new genera are proposed: Semirosalina and Nummodiscorbis (family Discorbiidae); Cribrorotalia and Discorotalia (family Elphidiidae). The status of the following systematic groups is discussed fully: genus Bolivinopsis, Discorbis and related genera, Stomatorbina and Mississippina, subfamily Discorbinellinae, family Elphidiidae and the genus Notorotalia. Notes are provided on the distribution of most of the species in the Tertiary of New Zealand and on their vertical ranges. (auth)

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